February 13th, 2009


White Hot Chocolate Espuma with The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

I had been asked to help out with a canapé function a couple of weeks ago. I got all excited, as I wanted to make Catharine’s ultimate very chocolaty brownies. To finish them off nicely we decided to make shots of White Hot Chocolate Espuma to accompany the brownies. Well we surely  guaranteed a double chocolate whammy. The secret chocolate fanatics were in their element as this recipe  hit the right spot.  The beauty about this recipe is that you can prepare it in advance . Keep the cream whipper in a bain-marie of hot water at 50°C and when you are ready to serve shake the cream whipper vigorously and squirt.

This recipe is perfect for  pure indulgence or a show-off party, whatever the occasion this recipe will hit the spot everytime!

I use the Thermomix to make this recipe however if you do not have a thermomix you can use a double boiler instead.

Chop the chocolate in small even size pieces.

Place the chocolate and milk in to the Thermomix bowl set the timer to 5 minutes at 50°C speed 3.

white_chocolate_espunaAdd the double cream set the timer for 3 minutes at 50°C speed 5.

Pour the hot chocolate into a one litre gourmet cream whipper and charge with two nitrous oxide gas pellets.

Shake the cream whipper vigorously and keep the hot chocolate warm in a Bain Marie at 50°C for up to one hour or serve immediately.

To serve shake the cream whipper vigorously, squirts the white hot chocolate espuma into serving glasses, dust with grated chocolate and serve with small Chocolate brownie bites.

Makes approximately 20  White Hot Chocolate Shots

Food Fanatics Tip
Add a shot of Coffee liqueur to the  white hot chocolate for a tiramisu flavour or if white chocolate is not your thing, substitute the white chocolate with either milk or dark chocolate. The fat in the milk and cream help the foam to keeps it's bubbles and encourage aeration. If you  use skimmed milk or single cream you will not get the same results. The espuma does not hold up too long,  the bubbles will collapse so do not fill the glasses too much in advance. Fill and serve as and when required.

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6 Comments to “White Hot Chocolate Espuma with The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies”

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Madalene,

    I have a Kisag whipped cream maker. I haven’t tried it for hot espumas. Would you recommend using it for that?

  2. filza says:

    Hello Madelene,

    I dont have the gourmet cream whipper, what can I use?
    I have a cream whisker, like the one for a cappuccino…
    Can I use it?

    Thank you

  3. Madalene says:

    HI Filza,

    Unfortunately there is no substitute for the cream whipper. You need to inject N2O into a vessel called a cream whipper, this aerates the mass inside. This is actually a old fashioned item used in the 80′s to make squirty cream. https://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/whippers-chargers-commercial-8gm-system-commercial-whippers/cat_83.html

    Happy cooking,

  4. michaelwilson says:

    nice work ,where did u get the glass fro to serve this in

  5. Wong says:


    Re white chocolate espuma recipe, I only have a 0.5L whip. If I halve the quantities but stick to the stated times in the Thermomix, would that still be OK?


  6. Madalene says:

    You can certainly divide the recipe in two to suit your needs. I would reduce the cooking time with one minute for each stage. You will need to keep an eye on it.

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