Favourite Cookbooks

White Heat – Marco Pierre White and Bob Carlos Clarke

This book is the reason why I have chosen to become a chef. Not only my respect for Marco as a chef but Bob Carlos Clarke as a photographer. These two have made cooking sexy a ticket for all chefs to join the ride. Marco has put the meaning behind if you cant stand the heat..get out of the kitchen!

Formulas for Flavour – John Campbell

This book is one of my favourites as it’s THE book I go to when I am looking for a bit of inspiration. I love the step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions. John Campbell is well respected in the industry not only for his technical ability but also for his devotion to training and nurturing new talent.

The Cinnamon Club Cookbook – Iqbal Wahhab & Vivek Singh

I love the Cinnamon Club Restaurant, set amongst the bookshelves of the old British Library, it makes a stunning venue. This book has revolutionised the way we think about Indian food. It’s not only about Chicken Korma and Chapatti.

Hot Sour Salty Sweet – a culinary journey through southeast  Asia – Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

This book is not only an outstanding cookbook but make a neat coffee table book with the amazing photography. When I page through this book it feels almost as if i have been to Asia myself, this book drips with passion.

British Regional Food – Mark Hix

One of the best supporters British seasonal local produce. This book is a great journey of the British Isles illustrated and written by a truly great chef. Mark Hix cook from his heart no frills and no nonsense, true food done well! I read this book like a novel, truely inspiring.

Made in Italy Food & Stories – Giorgio Locatelli

A book of two journeys one of Giorgio’s life and a the other the discovery of what Italy has to offer.  A great book for underpinned knowledge of Italian regional foods.  This book has been a companion for me, the one I take to work. It feels as if Giorgio is talking to me through every page.

McGee on Food & Cooking – Harold McGee

The Godfather of Why! Harold McGee has influenced nearly every modern day chef. This book has the answers to every question that you ever will have about food and cooking.

Pierre Koffmann – Memories of Gascony

I have a lot of respect for chef Pierre Koffmann, a lot of chefs has passed through the kitchen of La Tante Claire and many of those chefs has moved on to bigger and better things. This book is not about Michelin stars but about true regional French cooking. Honest food cooked well. It’s been part of my cookbook collection since 1995 and I will always cherish it. I love paging through the book and look at the photos of whole rabbits and even the cover page has a photo of a dead chicken. It’s authentic and real. Only if I could have such fantastic memories of food when I was growing up, I admire Pierre Koffmann not only for his skill but for his memories of Gascony.

A Day at ElBulli – An insight into the ideas methods and creativity of Ferran Adria

If you have ever wondered what it would be like working in probably the most inspirational and cutting edge three star Michelin establishments in the world, then this is the book for you. Ferran Adria is not a follower but a leader and a inventor. From the setting up the supply chain to building a team and creating masterpieces this book has it all. I felt exhausted once I have  read it, after all it’s is about a day in the life of one of the greatest!

Burgundy Stars – A year in the life of a great French restaurant – William Echikson

In Memory of Bernard Loiseau and La Cote d’Or. I first read this book when I first worked for free one day a week at a 2 star Michelin restaurant. This book inspired me to push harder to get a full time job at that particular establishment. Suddenly I understood the meaning and reason behind perfectionism and I wanted to be a part of this mad world.  Sadly Bernard Loiseau is no longer with us it is thought that this is down to losing one of his stars.

Logical cuisine – Jordi Cruz

One of the best books to come out of Spain in recent years; this book illustrates all the most up to date techniques and products on the market at the moment.

Ottolenghi The Cookbook – Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s

If you have not had the luxury of spending breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the Ottolenghi shops, you have been missing out. A visit is a must if you’r ever in London, even if you only pop in for cake. But don’t think you can pop in and choose a cake in one minute you might be able to do this in other shops but at Ottolenghi. With a wonderful selection on offer you need time to make the right decision. This book captures all what is good about Ottolenghi great rustic food from around the world accompanied with great photography.

Dessert Cuisine – Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balanguer is an outstanding pastry chef, one of Spain’s best. This book is now seven years old but it is always one of the first books I pick up if I need some inspiration for my pastry work.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook – Heston Blumenthal

From one of the best chefs Britain has to offer! This is a full on book and you can seriously lose a fare few hours once you pick it up. A bit of advice, let the other half know before you hide yourself away from interruptions and engage in the awesome world of Heston.

Maze the Cookbook – Jason Atherton

Maze is one of the most exciting and original restaurants to open in London in recent years and has become a very popular destination for foodies.  The cookbook gives everyone the opportunity to cook the maze way, the book also contains some great food photography.

Sous Vide – Joan Roca & Salvador Bruges

In this book Joan Roca and Salvador Bruges have explored a new direction of cooking that I believe is still in its infancy stages in this country. This is a one of two books I would definitely purchase if you would like to explore sous vide cookery.

Under Pressure – cooking sous vide – Thomas Keller

From one of the all time great chefs of the world American Thomas Keller. Thomas Keller share his discoveries of sous-vide cookery and shares some of best kept recipes from French Laundry and Per se.