Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Clifton Food Range

Ross and I love the Clifton range of water baths for two simple reasons. One is because you can control the temperature to the accurate degree with the digital temperature control and secondly it has a tap to make cleaning easy and simple. The Clifton Food Range provides professional chefs with sous vide equipment developed and manufactured by Nickel-Electro, a brand leader in temperature control laboratory and science equipment. 
For home use or a small commercial kitchen I would recommend the 8 litre unstirred bath this is what we have. We love it as we can prepare our meals for the week in advance and eat like kings during the week with very little effort. For restaurants my favourites are the duo baths 8litre by 8litre and the 4litre by 22litre if you have the space great combination for holding espuma guns for hot preparations in one end while cooking in the other


Guy Demarle is Famous for being the first to introduce flexible bake ware.  Today Guy Demarle is the only flexible bake ware in the industry designed with the perfect combination of food grade woven glass, no need for oil or butter, fill these little gems bake and turn out its as simply as that. There are a lot of copies on the market but the Demarle flexipan are the originals and the best trust me I have tried many cheaper versions and have literally thrown money in the bin.

Cream Whippers

For many years cream whippers has stood in the world of gastronomy for the most modern cooking technique and innovative product.  The espuma has become a new word in the repertoire of a chef it was made famous than no other the Ferran Adrià the best chef in the world. Espuma is Spanish for foam or mousse. Exquisite foams made from purees, creams, extracts or juices. The ISi cream whipper transform a simply ingredient into a new texture, in the preparation it allows you completely or partially do away with cream or egg. As a result, the natural aroma of a basic ingredient is maintained more intensely and the flavour is accentuated purely. The valuable content of the ingredients, such as vitamins are completely maintained. More efficiency the possibility of preparing the recipes in advance saves time and make the work process easier. Because of the technique used, you can achieve greater productivity through up to 5-times the whipping volume. The result is an easy and innovative cuisine.

Meyer Commercial Ware Pans

If I was to choose my all time favourite pan it would be the Flared Saute with Durable Nonstick Coating from Meyer its great for an all rounder but especially good for tart tatins and risottos. I love this range as it’s inexpensive but still outstanding quality.


We are very privileged to have a multivac C100 at home, it’s ideal for a small space. It’s also an essential piece of equipment to master sous vide cooking. The C200 is ideal for a medium to large commercial kitchens.


What did I do before I had a thermomix? I cannot think what life would be like without one now. This wonder machine has many functions and loved by many all over the world. The best of all is that this piece of magic is good enough for both commercial and domestic use, I think a godsend!