Food & Wine Producing Friends

I love the values and believes of Bighams. Every dish is made by hand every day using the finest and freshest ingredients. You will find Bighams  products in Waitrose and at

Damian Allsop CH2OCOLATES
Chocolates are my downfall but I cant help myself when the chocolate are this good.  The peanut crunch, pear aniseed and the olive oil chocolates where definitely at the top of the list.

Laverstoke park farm
One of the best organic farms in the Britain, After visiting the farm and seeing first hand the passion that goes into all the produce from the traditional Hereford cattle to the hops for the Laverstoke park ale a must visit.

Maldon sea salt
Pretty much everywhere I have worked they have used Maldon sea salt even in Europe. Even American chef Thomas Keller refer to Maldon Sea Salt in his cook book. Maldon is nearby to where we live and is classed as local produce to us.

Raspseed oil is still a fairly new ingredient to me. I know it has been around for quite some time, well you cannot miss the beautiful bright yellow fields during spring.  R-oil have developed a fantastic tasting oil with its own distinctive flavour.

Shipton Mill
When I first discover Shipton mill flours I was blown away with the depth of flavour it added to my homemade breads. The wheat ground at Shipton Mill provides flours that are unsurpassed in texture and flavour and have built a well-earned reputation amongst master and home bakers all over the country. You can purchase Shipton Mill flours directly form them online.

Sharpham park
I first come across Sharpham park products was at Borough Market. I bought some spelt flour and made the most delicious spelt and semolina shortbread and spelt and Russet apple slice recipes.

The Arabica Food and Spice company

There is something very special about the Arabica Food and Spice Company. I regularly pay their stall a visit at Borough Market and at Selfridges Food Hall. I love everything they do, to highlight only a few of my favourties such as their Ras-el-Hanout spice blend which I have used it in my Celeriac Espuma with Ras-el-Hanout Steamed Tiger Prawns recipe, I also adore the wild sumac, rosewater, tahini, carella paste, pomegranate molasses, orange blossom water.

TipTree preserves
This company has been growing fruit and producing jams and preserves since 1885. They are local to us and we love their innovative and clever new additions to their range. They are not scared to make small limited addition batches with unusual fruits such as Mulberries, very seasonal and very fashionable! I make most of my own jam but when there is a need to purchase jam then this is the one for me.

The Wild Meat Company

Robert Gooch and Paul Denny are two true professionals in their field. They know everything there is to know about game and working in and around Suffolk. They have a very knowledgeable team of dedicated butchers , I had the privileged to meet Ray at a Wild Meat in a Day event hosted by Food Safari. Ray shared his passions and years of butchering knowledge and this gave me the confidence to order various seasonal products from their online store. They stock anything from venison, partridges, pheasants, hare, woodpigeon, woodcock, wild boar and plenty other wonderful gamy products.