Our Friends

Ascender Design

Brand consultancy, graphic design and concept design is their forte!

Chichester Design

True perfectionists in their own right, brilliant web designers.

Clifton Water Baths

Melvin and his team has done an outstanding job by developing these user friendly water baths for the kitchen. The digital temperature control is outstanding, every water bath is build and tested by hand. These guy’s take the manufacturing of these water baths very serious.

Laverstoke Park

One of the best organic farms in Britain. After visiting the farm and seeing first hand the passion that goes into every square meter of this amazing farm from rearing the traditional Hereford cattle to growing the hops for the Laverstoke park ale,  a must visit.

Meyer Commercial ware

I believe that Meyer Commercial ware is a brand to rely on. The best discovery is that they do not break the bank balance with a added bonus of fantastic quality. They have some great designs, my favourite is the flared saute pan.


We are very privileged to have a multivac C100 at home, it’s ideal for a small space. It’s also an essential piece of equipment to master sous vide cooking. The C200 is ideal for a medium to large commercial kitchens. We have both these machines at the British Larder Suffolk, one is used for cooked products and ingredients and the other for raw meats, fish and un-cooked products. This ensures that we put food safety first.

Rocket Gardens

Gardening is one of my new found passions and growing my own vegetables has made me respect the fruits of the earth even more. However I am inpatient and went wild when i discovered Rocket Gardens . All you need to do is order the selection of plants that suits your taste and garden size. Bingo; along come the little siblings ready to go! It’s brilliant, the vouchers make brilliant Christmas presents too.

Thermomix UK

What did I do before I had a thermomix? I cannot think what life would be like without one now. Contact the friendly people at UK Thermomix for a home demonstration.

Vegetarian Express

I have been using Vegetarian Express for many years and found they are always coming up trumps on new and exciting ingredients to play with. If you are like me and always scratching your head for veggie or vegan ideas these are the guys for you. They also stock a great selection of spices that’s been gas flushed. This means that the spices has not been heat treated, most importantly they keep their essential oils and natural aromas. You can order on line from Vegetarian Express and it does not matter how bit or small your order.