February 16th, 2009


Vanilla Sous-Vide Rhubarb

Tender stem forced Yorkshire rhubarb is definitely recommended for this recipe. The soft pastel pink colour is trapped in the young skin of the forced rhubarb. If  the rhubarb is hard and you peel the skin, cooking it will only produce a browny-green mixture . Therefore select fresh, young and tender stems as they deliver the best results.

One family in particular has devoted their whole life to growing this mystical vegetable in a rather romantic way E Oldroyd and Sons in Yorkshire. They are reported to have hundreds of tourist every year flocking to their farm to witness the forced rhubarb being harvested in candlelight, how romantic is that?

Rhubarb is very much a seasonal ingredient and best enjoyed in Britain when in season and home grown. From January to late March is the time to enjoy the forced Rhubarb. Outdoor rhubarb can be enjoyed until late May. Outdoor rhubarb has thicker stems with a deeper earthier taste and flavour.Don’t forget that the leaves are poisonous.


Use this delicious vanilla sous-vide rhubarb on individual rhubarb tarts or serve with Fabien’s delicious buttermilk pudding. Keep the rhubarb and vanilla flavoured syrup and use to  glaze the rhubarb tarts or  as a base to make a delicious rhubarb and stem ginger sorbet. I also like to serve the vanilla sous-vide rhubarb cut in pieces for breakfast along with natural yoghurt, drizzle the vanilla rhubarb syrup over for that extra yumminess.

  • 140g forced rhubarb
  • 30g caster sugar
  • 30g filtered tap or natural spring water
  • 1 vanilla pod

sous_vide_tempPreheat the water bath to 61°C.

Wash the rhubarb, pat dry with paper towel.

Cut the unpeeled rhubarb in 7cm long pieces.

Place the rhubarb in a vacuum pack bag, scrape the seeds of the vanilla pod and add the seeds, sugar and the water.

Seal the bag under hard vacuum. Place the rhubarb in the preheated water bath at 61°C for 20 minutes.

rhubarb_sous_vide_bathCool the bag in ice water. Keep the rhubarb in the vacuum bag in the fridge until needed.

The rhubarb will keep for up to two weeks.

When you are ready to use the rhubarb, open the bag, drain the vanilla syrup, keep it for glazing fruit tarts.

Cut the rhubarb in desired shapes and use on tarts or cupcakes, serve with delicious buttermilk pudding for a true British Fair or how about a lovely rhubarb fool?

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