September 15th, 2009


Omelette in One Minute…Dedicated to Julie and Julia

This recipe is dedicated to Julie and Julia the movie. I was very inspired to cook and write after watching the movie at the cinema, it’s a feel good movie with a lot of emotion and laughter.

I loved Merill Streeps performance and thought that she managed to capture Julia’s personality and accent to perfection.

When I launched The British Larder site I was blissfully unaware of the interesting and very active but almost secret world of food bloggers. At first I did not accept that I was a food blogger because I’m a professional chef and was offering a free online recipe service.

As The British Larder progressed and just like Julie, once I had received my very first comment I realised that people actually read what I had written, I came to terms with the fact that I am a food blogger and started to take it very seriously. Now I’m completely addicted and love the memories that it brings back , it’s as if I am now only starting to appreciate my life and achievements, it’s brilliant.

We watched the movie and with open mouths and gulped  more than once as there were scenes that  mirrored our lives. I realised I’m living Julie Powell’s life , in my own way, without even knowing that she existed. I do not really believe that I’m a writer as such but a chef yes. Writing is something, unlike Julie, I had to learn to do. For me writing in this way is a new skill and I do not always get it right, where as Julie is a writer but not a cook. I can cook and that comes naturally to me, however Julie had to learn to cook and she had the master Julia at the helm. Do you understand the similarities in our lives? It’s a little bit freaky when watching the movie and see your life in motion.

I watched the you tube video of JuliaYouTube Preview Image making an omelette so many times it’s actually embarrassing to say this. I watched it over and over as I love her fearless approach to cooking and the amount of passion and energy that she uses. It’s catchy and memorable, she made modern french cooking accessible to the rest of the world and I commend her for that. May your soul rest in peace Julia!

When the challenge arose to make Julia’s one minute omelette, it brought back my own memories of omelettes. I remember as if  it was yesterday, when Dustin Hoffman came into one of the restaurants where I worked. He entered the kitchen to show us how to make his egg white omelette. Apart from being completely star struck I was also very big headed as it was my section and Dustin stood right next to me as we were making this omelette “together”. I was striding around like the cat that got all the cream. My colleagues where a bit jealous but is soon faded as Snoop Dog came in for dinner that evening, to be honest I did not know who Snoop Dog was but then I’m talking about an event that took place 13 years ago! I’m a bit older and wiser now and a bit more clued up.

In the true British Larder fashion I have added thyme and girolles to make my omelette a seasonal favourite. You see Julia did all the hard work in figuring out how to make the omelette and it’s upto us individuals to add our own fancies and twists on this classic. I saute the girolles before adding them to the middle of my omelette just before it’s tipped out of the pan. You can add your own seasonal favourite ingredient. It’s the perfect breakfast or brunch dish whipped up in less than a minute! Enjoy!


  • 20g fresh girolle mushrooms, cleaned
  • 2 large free range eggs
  • Salt and Freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1tsp cold water
  • 2tsp unsalted butter
  • Pinch of chopped thyme

First saute the girolles. Heat a small non-stick frying pan with 1 tsp of butter, once the butter foams and turns nutty brown add the girolles and seasoning, saute until golden brown.

Transfer the sauteed mushrooms onto a small plate lined with kitchen paper.

Crack the fresh eggs into a small bowl, add the water, chopped thyme and seasoning. Loosen the eggs with a fork, do not whisk.

Heat a small 20cm non-stick frying pan with the remaining butter.

As soon as a the butter turns nutty brown and starts to foam add the egg, do not disturb for 5 counts, then shake the pan backwards and forward keeping it on the heat, do not lift the pan from the heat.

Shake a couple of times so that the raw egg gets in contact with the hot pan and shake so that the contents slides towards one end of the pan and the omelette starts to look like a elongated scrunched up rag, add the cooked mushrooms and immediately flip the omelette out of the pan onto a warm serving plate. The cooking time of the omelette takes no longer than one minute, I cooked this one in 35 seconds as I like my egg soft and just set.

Garnish appropriately and enjoy immediately!

Serves one

Food Fanatics Tips

Ensure your eggs are super fresh, check the date or even better if you can buy eggs from someone who has chickens in your local area. Never whisk the eggs, use a fork and do not add too much salt as the salt makes the eggs rubbery. Lastly if you are adding mushrooms always cook them before adding them to the omelette. The mushrooms contain water and as the eggs do not take long to cook, the chances are that the mushrooms could still be raw if they are not cooked before hand.

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8 Comments to “Omelette in One Minute…Dedicated to Julie and Julia”

  1. sharon&,merlyn says:

    I love it, I have difficulty eating following surgery. This just slides down with flavour,a much missed sense.

  2. dean ryan says:

    Hi Madalene
    friday omeltte day

  3. johanna says:

    i learned to make omelets and crepes while visiting
    my grannie’s sister in france. julia’s was my first
    cookbook. although i wasnt daring enough to try much,
    reading it was a joy…it set me on the cooking path.

    i must disagree with your assessment of your writing skills.
    (and i am a writer). your blogs are great and your
    food enthusiasm is contagious. i enjoy them very much!

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  5. Barry Dean says:

    Why do you not whisk? I sometimes use a fork, sometimes a baby whisk, but I haven’t noticed any difference – except the fork is easier to clean! Why do you recommend a fork?

  6. Madalene says:

    If you whisk the eggs too much it breaks the membranes too much and it makes the omeltte grey in colour and rubbery.

    Lightly loosen with a fork ensures a light omelette.

  7. After scoffing out to obscene proportions in recent weeks this recipe is just what I’m going to make when I get home. I’m off to see J&J tonight. I read the book during my first few days in New Zealand and it inspired me to start my own blog. Food blogs have reignited my interest in food and you’ve really opened up interest in learning to cook properly. I’m still hoping the Cordon B school will open in Wellington even though they’ve not secured their original site. It’s a funny old world eh!

  8. Stuart Coles says:

    It looks lovely! Top marks for presentation in the top photo, I will try this myself tonight.

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