About Madalene

My career in cooking was first inspired by a book, White Heat by Marco Pierre White, which was given to me as a Valentine’s Day present. The photography and the style of the book captured my imagination. Photographer, Bob Carlos Clarke, along with Marco, managed to make cooking attractive and a desirable career to follow.

Food and cooking is in my blood and it’s my life. As a passionate driven individual who strives for perfection I’ve never been satisfied with just the ordinary. I strive to go that little bit further and push the boundaries just that little bit more.

My curious nature and desire to succeed meant that I was drawn into the whirlpool world of gastronomy. There are no regrets, only the desire to inspire and cherish every magical moment that I’ve endured.

With a successful career as a professional chef spanning over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to work at Michelin starred restaurants and explore the world of contract catering. For the past three years I’ve been working with a leading food manufacturer as a product development chef.

By allowing myself to explore all corners of the food industry, I’m armed with invaluable knowledge and firsthand experience. I therefore currently offer my expertise on a consultancy basis and host various cooking demonstrations.