Sous Vide Recipe


The Ultimate Cottage Pie

The inspiration for this dish came from my very first couple of weeks working in contract catering. At first, the change  from restaurants to the contract catering world was fierce …


Fine Pear Tart

I’m very excited about this fine pear tart.Firstly I had made a fresh batch of rough puff pastry and was very pleased with myself. Secondly I have finally followed a …


Conference Pears Under Pressure

The inspiration for this recipe came from the book ‘ Under Pressure’ by Thomas Keller. I love this recipe for many reasons, one of which is that the pears do …


The Celebration of the Pigs Cheeks

Ever thought of eating pigs cheeks? If the thought ‘oh no not for me’  enters your mind then I advise you to think again. Once we cooked this dish, Ross’s …


Pork Belly Croquettes with Roasted Corn Cream

Pork Belly is food for the gods in our home.

I use the sous-vide cooking method for this recipe of Pork Belly Croquettes . It does take 12 hours but …


Individual Square Rhubarb Tarts

Square is funky and fun. I love making these gorgeous looking rustic tarts. They always look attractive and catch the eye but I must confess the pretty pink forced rhubarb …


Vanilla Sous-Vide Rhubarb

Tender stem forced Yorkshire rhubarb is definitely recommended for this recipe. The soft pastel pink colour is trapped in the young skin of the forced rhubarb. If  the rhubarb is …


Tamarind Pickled Rhubarb and Redcurrants

Sous-vide cooking has brought a lot of joy to me. I love to discover and experiment with new ingredients and equipment.I received the water bath as a gift from Ross  …


Oxtail and Roasted Onion Broth

Oxtail is a classic old British favourite and I found a recipe from 1922 in Mrs Beeton’s  New Edition cookery book. It is one of the forgotten cuts that should  …

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