Picnic Recipes


Wild Boar Bacon and Lemon Thyme Popcorn – My Tribute to Partick Swayze

This recipe is a bit of fun and yummy at the same time! The perfect Saturday afternoon recipe when you have  time on your hands, the weather is uninspiring and …


Mr.Punch and Lady Priscilla’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

All credit for this recipe goes to Kim and Graham, Roy and Linda’s egg suppliers and neighbours. A few weeks ago when we went fruit picking in Dennis’s back yard, …


Old Fashioned Jam Tarts

This recipe gives me that lovely and overall warm feeling. It’s simple and easy to make but brings back priceless memories of my Grandmother.

We went to visit her during …


Healthy Brown Rice and Hemp Seed Salad

Its time for me to focus on eating healthier, it was wonderful having my Mum staying but my poor and carefree eating habits has taken it’s toll. Too many sweet …


Damson and Bramble Plate Pie

I love this concept, Mr.P told me a lovely story a while ago after he had visited a chef in the Newcastle who made plate pies. I liked the idea …


Courgette, Goats Cheese and Garden Herb Pesto Bread

I’m really excited about this recipe. I planned baking this bread in my dream. You might find that seriously bizarre but then I’m thinking of food all the time, even …


Chilled Courgette Soup with Goat’s Milk Yoghurt

The ultimate courgette supper is on the table and and it looks absolutely divine. Chilled courgette soup with goat’s yoghurt, courgette and garden herb pesto bread and finally borlotti bean


Hedgerow Fruit Pastels

Working as a chef in a top Michelin stared restaurant you get to learn the tricks of the trade. The chances are that you will make pate fruits, as we …


Borlotti Bean and Courgette Hummus

My borlotti beans  have finally produced a few pods which can now be harvested. Last year I was very impatient and picked them too early and ended up with only …


Healthy Bran, Conference Pear and Bullace Breakfast Muffins

It was Mums birthday the first week of August and on the Saturday before she returned home we took Mum, Roy and Linda to Borough market, followed by a delicious …

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