Picnic Recipes


Spelt and Semolina Shortbread

I love the nutty sweet taste and aroma of spelt. It’s only recently that we have found spelt flour produced by Sharpham Park at Borough market and to my delight …


Green Chilli Chicken Wontons with Avocado and Lime Dip

Call me tight or stingy, but I do not like to waste food as there are too many hungry mouths in this world.

I make these green  chilli chicken wontons …


Mini Cinnamon and Apple Whirls

Breakfast or afternoon tea will be a perfect time to enjoy these Mini Cinnamon and Apple Whirls. The Russet Apple Compote is a recipe that I have prepared and kept …


Semi-Dried Tomato & Comté Cheese Scones

Comté cheese is one of my favorite cheeses with a mild, distinctive fragrance and slightly sweet taste. These semi-dried tomato & Comté cheese scones are ideal for breakfast or as …


Date and Rum Bon Bons

Naughty but nice comes to mind when I make these Date and Rum Bon Bons. They do remind me of Christmas with their alcoholic kick and the fruity fudgy texture …


Strawberry Crunch and Pomegranate Marshmallows

I learned how to make marshmallows at college and the memory of the sticky mess has stayed with me for many years. So one day,when my good friend Fabien and …

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