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Elderflower Cordial

I have been on the elderflower watch for a few weeks and finally this week they were in full bloom. There were a few bushes by the road side with …


Lime, Almond and Strawberry Chutney

When Richard phoned and asked me to make one kilo of strawberry chutney, I was confused and slightly sceptical.

Wow was my scepticism put to bed once I got started. …


Slow Cooked Duck Leg with Sweet Tamarind Pickled Rhubarb

The outdoor rhubarb season is in full swing. The combination of rhubarb with duck is a match made in heaven.

I have made the pickled rhubarb twice ,once with forced …


Vanilla Sous-Vide Rhubarb

Tender stem forced Yorkshire rhubarb is definitely recommended for this recipe. The soft pastel pink colour is trapped in the young skin of the forced rhubarb. If  the rhubarb is …


Quince Curd

Quinces are one of those rather romantic fruits, it’s speculated that these fruits were used as an aphrodisiac in the early days and with its appearance one could see why. …


Cinnamon Baked Plums

This recipe is one of the very first recipes that I specially produced for The British Larder.This website has been a dream in the making for a long time. The …


Russet Apple Compote

Russet apples are a naturally highly scented apple with a leathery skin. The scent of the russet reminds me of toasted hazelnuts. The Victorians liked to use the russets in …


Tamarind Pickled Rhubarb and Redcurrants

Sous-vide cooking has brought a lot of joy to me. I love to discover and experiment with new ingredients and equipment.I received the water bath as a gift from Ross  …


Wild Hedgerow Apple Jelly

Visiting the in- laws and walking Duke the Labrador puppy on Christmas day was an experience in itself. We came across a wild apple tree that had just about dropped …


Chocolate Fudge Spread

Yum, yum I love this recipe!! It’s brilliant, no additives or preservatives. This chocolate fudge spread recipe takes pride of place amongst my recipe collection. Mum gave it to me, …

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